Stravage. What a funny word, huh. I first heard it when I interviewed Spiritual Counselor and Dream Worker Royce Fitts on my podcast. Stravage (pronounced “strah-vaige” is an old Scottish word meaning “to wander aimlessly”. Fitts talked about the stravage he did along a long and winding trail in Britain. The solitary walk helped him connect with his soul and discover hidden truths about himself that lay dormant for years. He met friends along the way, which improved his connection with others and came away from the journey with a renewed love of himself and his life’s purpose.

You don’t have to traipse off to a foreign country to do a stravage. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to travel at all. But you can if you want. The idea of the stravage is to allow time and lack of a definitive goal let you slow down and enable your mind to wander. You can do this by taking a solitary walk in a park near you. Allow yourself to pay attention to the sights, sounds, and smells around you. What before you might have considered commonplace or taken for granted will take on new meaning. Perhaps you’ll feel a newfound appreciation for life itself.

You can even take a stravage in the comfort of your home. Sitting in a comfortable spot and letting your mind wander could help you feel at peace and quiet your mind. As you feel more relaxed and let your stress lighten, new and hopefully empowering thoughts might enter your head. At the least, you’ll come away from the experience feeling more positive. Taking more stravages could increase this feeling of inner love and confidence and infuse you with a new passion for life.

Are you ready to take a stravage?  To learn more in my interview with Dr. Royce Fitts, click here: