Recently I encountered two profound examples of the power of dreams. The first one was the story of how a woman used her dreams to rid herself of her inner demons, nasty negative behavior that had turned her away from loved ones and into a life of years of self-destructive actions.

Over a period of time, she had a series of dreams that connected her to a higher power. In them, she was shown images of what her life could look like if she embraced the one thing that was keeping her in her downward spiral: unconditional self-love. Each successive dream contained insights that left her with a feeling of peace when she awakened. They left her with the feeling that she needed to change her attitude about herself and how she was living her life. As she began to see positive developments in her waking life, it encouraged her to pay more attention to her dreams. The result was that she saw new figures emerge – and one ended up looking just like a man with whom she eventually found love.

    The second was an accounting from a man who had a powerful lucid dream. In it he saw a bustling city, one unlike any he had ever seen before. The people were friendly and willing to introduce him to all the sights and sounds they were proud to share. The odd thing for him was that these people were faceless. When he tried to speak with them, he didn’t hear words, but he felt a strong energy beaming from them filled with love and connection.

He felt as if he belonged there and didn’t want to leave. He went to an apartment building and decided to rent a space. To his surprise, they wouldn’t take his money. All he had to do was spend time each day with his neighbor. He felt it was a reasonable request. When he woke up, he was a little sad to be back in his daytime world. But he decided to use the lesson of the dream to be friendlier to everyone he met that day.

     What are your dreams telling you? Each dream has a message – if you’re open enough to listen. I’d love to know what you’re encountering in your nighttime adventures. Please let me know.