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The Continuing Power of Dreams

Sep 21, 2020

Dreams keep sending us messages that we need to hear, even when we think we’ve already received them. That’s what makes them so powerful. Our inner mind knows us all too well.

            I’ve written before about the dream I maintain that changed my life. This was that tiny dream—one word—that told me I was hiding myself behind a shell and that I needed to break out of that shell if I ever wanted anyone to hear what I had to say. That dream didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know; I could have told you I was shy and retiring and afraid to open my mouth in public. But it was the way it was presented to me from my subconscious that compelled me to realize that I had to act right then and there or continue to live my life in the background for the rest of my life. Seeing it in those terms gave me the impetus to change that trajectory. The dream resulted in my taking the action to shift my life. I became a Dream-Life Coach, I started writing again, sending out blogs about dreams, contributing to books about dreams and starting a podcast and TV show where I encourage others to pay attention to their dreams.

            Then I had a dream last night that told me I was holding back. The details of the dream aren’t important. In fact, I was so taken with the message I received that I honestly don’t remember what happened in the dream. It made me realize I have more to do. When I started out as a Dream-Life Coach, my mission was to empower others to embrace their dreams and use them to live their most fulfilled lives. I’ve started down that road and yet there is more I can do, to raise my voice even louder. I’ll continue to write more blogs like this one and let you come along on my journey. In the meantime, I welcome you again to learn about what dreams can do for you by listening to my podcast Dream Power Radio and tuning into my TV Show The Dream Power Show on the Raven International TV channel on Roku and Amazon Fire.

            Sweet dreams, everyone!



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