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One of the things I love about dreams is that they give us the insights into how we can best live our lives. These little nighttime hints can give us specific direction, answer nagging questions, help clarify our feelings and give us a blueprint on steps to take in our daytime lives. Sometimes the actions that need to be taken are hard and to get the results we want we have to call on another one of our inner strengths—perseverance.

            Change is not easy. Even when we’ve consciously decided to do something, our minds are constantly giving us the subconscious message that we can’t do it for various reasons. We’re told we don’t deserve good things or that we’re too stupid to succeed or too afraid to alter the status quo. We’re not aware of these hidden messages but we take stock of them, sometimes not realizing we’re doing so, when something happens that convinces us that now is not the right time to do what we set out to do.

            So when someone succeeds at making a change despite the odds, I like to sit up and take notice. There was a man now in his late 70’s who had a dream that he worked at for many years. He fell short of his goal several times yet never gave up. By anyone’s definition he had had a successful career, and at this stage in his life he could have settled into a comfortable retirement, and no one would have criticized him for it.

            But his inner voice told him he was on a mission that was more important than anything else. He wasn’t ready to give up on his dream and decided to go for it one more time. The odds were against him. People said he was too old, too tired, too out of fashion for the generations below him. On several occasions he was rejected outright by many people and at a point where anyone else in his position would have quit.

            He didn’t. He believed in himself and by his persistent determination to give it his all, he found the support he needed to get to the first stage on his road to success.

            The path grew more difficult, with more obstacles standing in his way. People called him names, threw ugly lies about him into cyberspace and tried to convince others that he was yesterday’s news and should be abandoned. His belief in himself and his ideals made him appear deaf to these accusations and enabled him to stay on track to pursue his mission.

            Of course I’m talking about Joe Biden. And his story has nothing to do with politics. Anyone who can look beyond his policies can see a man of persistence, who is following what he believes to be his purpose in life. It’s not hard to admire these qualities. These are the ingredients we all need to be successful: a belief in ourselves, clear knowledge of our purpose, the ability to express ourselves effectively and the persistence to keep going when all the signs are telling you to quit. It’s a lesson we can all learn, regardless of our politics.

            So I challenge you now. What is your dream? Are you off to the races in pursuit of your objective or are you stuck on the starting line, listening to the excuses that keep you small? If it’s the latter, perhaps you’ll want to take heed of Joe’s accomplishment and realize that you can have it too, with a mindset  that seeks success over stagnation and persistence over inaction.


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