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Story time!

Back in college I took a course in TV journalism. Our college didn’t have a TV station at the time, but it did have lots of video equipment and a fully equipped studio. One day our professor had us all step in front of the camera and read a prepared script from a teleprompter.

After I finished my turn, the professor played back my performance. He turned to the class and said, “Look at how she speaks to the camera. I could see her working as a news anchor.”

At the time, I was spending hours working at the college radio station and hadn’t thought of shifting my focus to television. This should have been all the encouragement I needed. After all, if my professor thought I was good enough, that meant it was something worth pursuing, right?

The professor might have been speaking to me, but I wasn’t hearing him. While he and the rest of the class saw an attractive young woman on the screen, I saw something different. I didn’t consider myself attractive back then—at least not in the media version sense. I wasn’t pretty like some of the other girls in the class, some who would later go on to TV careers. I felt working in TV was for ‘other people’, not people like me. So I let that praise fall to the wayside. I  simply could not accept in my heart and mind what he was telling me.

Now television is a very competitive business, and there’s no guarantee that if I did take the professor’s words to heart I would have landed a job or built up a career. The point is, I didn’t even try. I let myself fail without having made the effort.

I did this to myself because I lacked self-confidence. I put up a barrier to success because of all the so-called beliefs I told myself that fed that lack of self-esteem: I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t talented enough, I didn’t deserve to do something I really wanted, people like me would never be successful.

None of that was based on fact. Instead, all of those fears I held within me were the result of years of focusing on all the bits of negative information that came my way that I took as being “the real truth.” The funny thing is, none of this was consciously on my mind. They were feelings I didn’t realize I had. But they resulted in real world actions. I chose jobs that were less competitive, that required work but left a lot of my potential unrealized.

It took me another half of lifetime to realize these negative thoughts had been running through my mind, thoughts that left me feeling unworthy and hating myself. Coming to this realization was the first step in reclaiming my confidence and love of myself. Making it a part of my being took a little while longer.

What helped me re-find my self-esteem was my dreams. My nighttime insights led me to not only see but truly understand that I had been self-sabotaging myself for most of my life. I also got hints from my dreams of actions I could take to restore my self-confidence. The result is that the past eight or so years I’ve embraced dreamwork have been the happiest of my life.

Today you can see me on TV, as the host of The Dream Power Show, which is available on Roku and Amazon Fire and can also be viewed here:   With a production budget of pennies, I’ll be the first to admit it’s not as fancy as a big network show. I don’t have a hair and makeup person to totally obscure the wrinkles on my face or tame all the frizz from my curly hair. The set is basic. If I were the same self-critical person I was in my youth, I’d never consider putting it on the air because it’s not “perfect”. But while it may be lacking in production value, it more than makes up for it in the valuable content I provide for my viewers. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to offer this service, and none of it would have happened if I hadn’t stepped back into my confidence.

How do you present yourself to the world? Do you let your confidence shine? Or do you hide yourself behind your fears and self-sabotage? If so, make this the day you say, “Enough!” Take that first step to saying goodbye to your limiting beliefs and hello to the confidence, perfect person you truly are.

Let me know how you’re doing. If you need help on how to rediscover who you truly are, take advantage of my complementary Dream Discovery Session by clicking the link on the home page. I can help.



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