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What is a Dream-Life Coach?

A dream life coach is someone who is trained to coach you how to attain a life you love by helping you understand your innermost thoughts through the practice of unlocking the meaning of your daytime and nighttime dreams. Dreams are the way our subconscious communicates, and I’m trained in how to translate the subconscious’ symbolic language in a way that’s understandable and useful. Our philosophy is that everyone is capable of greater self awareness and that our dreams are the bridge to this awakening. By coaching you to understand your dreams, I can help you can gain a deeper understanding of self and a greater ability to break through the limiting beliefs that often keep you from having the results you want.

What is a session like?

Each session is an hour long and is tailor made to fit your needs. Typically we discuss your situation and desires and how your dreams relate to these needs. If you have a specific dream to discuss, I dig deep, analyzing your dream in detail to provide you with greater understanding of your dream and yourself. This includes insight into nighttime dreams and the dreams and desires of your everyday life. Ongoing support is provided so I can be an accountability partner for you as you work on achieving your goals.

Where do you do the sessions?

Most sessions are done over the telephone and can be recorded for your playback at any time. In-person sessions are also available.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

A therapist provides advice and treatment for specific psychological issues. A therapist believes there is something wrong with you, and is there to fix you. I believe there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re fine and capable of finding the solutions to your situations, but just need the guidance and direction that a trained coach like me can provide. I want to be your partner on your journey. I’m committed to your success.

What’s the difference between The Dream Coach and anything else on the web?

I’m not content with just giving an interpretation of a dream and leaving it at that. I work one-on-one with you to determine how your dream relates to your life and how to use this insight to resolve issues, devise future plans, increase happiness with life and gain greater self-awareness. I’m here to help make your dreams come true.

What if I don’t remember my dreams?

You don’t have to remember your dreams to benefit from my guidance. While working with nighttime dreams is an important part of what I do, I also work with daytime dreams. If you have a dream project or a goal and are frustrated by your lack of progress or success, I can help you discover what’s holding you back and how to break through that resistance to achieve what you want.

Do you do dream circles?

Yes. Dream circles can be a powerful awakening and bonding experience for all. We have a monthly dream circle in the Los Angeles area.


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