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Here you are, searching for the meaning of your dreams.

Dream interpretation and dream dictionaries can help, but knowing what your dreams mean is just part of the process. Applying that knowledge to your life can make a difference between merely living and living a life you truly love. That’s why, if you have dreams, The Dream Coach is right for you.

The Dream Coach is for anyone who wants to…

* Know the meaning of their dreams.

* Know how to use their dreams to fulfill their goals.

* Succeed and feels stuck. * Access their potential.

* Live the life of their dreams.

Including… Empty Nesters, Business Owners, Writers, Stay At Home Moms, People In Transition, Free Spirits, Job Seekers, Spiritual Seekers, Students, Entrepreneurs, Artists, People in Crisis And More…




What The Dream Coach Offers:
* One-on-one life coaching sessions
* Helping you discover your goals
* Dream interpretation with special focus on how your dreams relate to your life
* A guide to help you achieve your plans
* Techniques and tools to help you identify and eliminate self-defeating beliefs
* Coaching on how to interpret your own dreams.
* How to increase your self confidence and self assurance.


“Debbie and I have been working together for over a year now and she has proven to be an incredibly talented dream coach. I look forward to sharing my dreams with her because she offers the insight I need to decode the meaning of my dreams. In working through my relationship and anxiety issues using dream work she has been patient, kind and compassionate as she holds space for me to delve deep into my subconscious while using her wisdom and intuition to guide me. Through this process I have learned to let go of fear, trust myself and gain my power back. With Debbie’s help and using this dream work I feel that I have tapped into a powerful modality that has sped up my personal growth and truly transformed my life. Thanks Debbie!!!”

~ Jeannie Robinson, Los Angeles

“Recently I had the pleasure of having a Dream-Life Coaching session with Debbie. She created a very receptive and engaging space within which to work where I felt able to relax and really tune into my dreams. Her feedback and validations regarding what I shared about my dreams left me feeling inspired and energized to continue on my chosen path. Debbie is someone I would happily recommend to those seeking clarity and direction in their dream life.”

~ Janet Moller, Maine

“I had a wonderful coaching session with Debbie. She helped me to discover the meaning of a dream I had recently and then guided me into the future to explore a future connected to it – and yes – it has to do with the business I’ve wanted to create for a long time. She guided me beyond my resistances.”

Elisabeth Staudigl, Mexico

“I was interested in learning about my dreams, and as soon as I started working with Debbie, I realized it was going to be so much more. Debbie has worked alongside me every week, helping me discover my dream life, and supporting me in my journey. I have finally started the process of starting a maternity closet and teen mom mentoring program. This has always been a distant dream, and now I’m actually living it. With what I’ve learned, I really believe I will be able to guide others into discovering their dream life. Thanks, Debbie, for your guidance, support and listening ear. You have made this an experience that I will not forget.”

Tonya Spangler, Oregon

Is The Dream Coach For You?

Everyone wants to live life to the fullest. Many people use coaches to help give them the guidance, motivation and support they need to reach their goals. Are you ready to take on a partner for your dream journey? Please take a minute for this personal dream quiz. Rate each one on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning you disagree strongly, 10 you agree strongly. Then add up the total.

* I want to understand my dreams.

* I want to live a more fulfilling life.

* I want to improve my relationships.

* I want to know why I can’t achieve my goals.

* I want more enjoyment in my life.

* I want to increase my income.

* I want to make positive changes in my life.

* I want to find my purpose in life–and live it.

* I want to get rid of self-limiting beliefs.

* I want someone to help me reach my goals.

Your Score:

Under 25

You are probably living your dream life, and do not need the services of The Dream Coach at this time.

25 to 50

You could benefit from The Dream Coach program, but you’re a little unsure of your goals and needs. You might want to take advantage of the complementary introductory session to see if you’re ready to make the commitment toward living your dream life.

Over 50

You’re ready to make changes in your life. The Dream Coach can work with you to devise a plan to achieve your goals and live a life you truly love. Commit to yourself and your life and sign up for your free introductory session and see how living the life of your dreams can bring you the fulfillment you desire.

To learn more about Debbie’s Services and FAQs ~ CLICK HERE


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